The Issue


In 2021 in Ontario, every 8 days a woman or child was killed by a man known to them, including their current or former intimate partner, a family member or another known relationship.

Awareness is not enough. This year during the 10th Anniversary of the Wrapped in Courage campaign we are asking Ontario to reflect on why they wear their purple scarves, and what action they will take to address the rising femicide rates across Ontario. Because every life lost to femicide is one life too many.

Femicides are preventable tragedies with devastating and irreversible impacts on communities and families across Ontario. Femicide rates are on the rise in Ontario, with over 40 femicides reported by OAITH since last November.

Take Action

This month during #WomanAbusePreventionMonth, take action to address the high rates of femicide in Ontario by wearing a Wrapped in Courage purple scarf. Let your friends, family, and community know why you support the campaign, and what your purple scarf means to you.

Recommendations such as those from Inquests and Death Reviews have identified hundreds of actions that can be taken by community members, leaders, government ministries, services, sectors and systems to prevent femicides. Make a commitment today to take action to address femicide in your community and beyond:

  • Check with your local media if they are aware of and committed to implementing OAITH’s Femicide Reporting Recommendations-
  • Volunteer at your local shelter/ ask your local shelter what support is needed in your local community
  • Engage friends, family and colleagues in conversation that challenges stereotypes and myths about gender-based violence
  • Check in on your friends, family and neighbours who may be experiencing increased isolation
  • Learn more about femicide in Ontario:
  • Wear your Wrapped in Courage purple scarf throughout November and the 16 Days of Activism to End Gender-Based Violence and show your support for survivors
  • Check with your community if they are raising a Wrapped in Courage flag and proclaiming November 25th as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

We must take action today and every day to end all forms of gender-based violence, including femicide. It is only through collective action that the intentional killing of women, gender-diverse people, of Indigenous women, girls and 2-Spirited Peoples, of Black women and racialized women, of immigrant and refugee Women, of women experiencing and living with disabilities and deaf women, of those living in poverty, will end.

Across the province, our shelters play a vital role for survivors of violence and their children, offering  much more than a place to stay.  Supports include 24 hour phone support, individual and group counselling, children’s services, community education and transitional support. Contact your local VAW agency today for more information on how you can support their work through financial donations, volunteer opportunities, and to purchase this year’s custom-designed, handmade Wrapped in Courage scarf!

Find my local shelter:

Learn more about the 2022 Wrapped in Courage 10th Anniversary Special Edition Purple Scarf