The Issue

Violence against women is a crisis right here in Ontario. We know that in Ontario 1 in 3 women will experience intimate partner violence in her lifetime and that every 11 days a woman or child is killed by a man known to them. This number is much higher for women of colour and Indigenous women.

The truth is that the greatest gender inequality rights issue for women and children is violence.

Across the province, our shelters play a vital role for survivors of violence. These are vital spaces designed with women’s safety in mind, and access to a shelter or Violence Against Women programming can mean a chance at freedom.

But the reality is that most shelters in Ontario can’t cover the basic operating costs without turning to fundraising.

Wrapped in Courage is a fundraising and awareness campaign that has taken place every November for the past 7 years. The campaign raises the money needed to help participating shelters across the province keep their doors open for the women who need them. And the campaign works hard to teach Ontarians just how dire the violence against women crisis is.

In previous years, the campaign has revolved around the selling of purple scarves and ties across the province. Over the years, more than 100,000 scarves and ties have been sold.

But this year, there are no scarves.

The pandemic has changed everything and has forced us to reconsider how to raise funds and awareness for shelters across Ontario. This year, you are needed now more than ever. Today, you can be there for the women and
children who are spending more time at home with their abusers because of the pandemic;  we know that many of our shelters have seen an increase in calls from women looking for safety, and this is concerning.

You can help provide safety for women and children experiencing violence today by supporting the campaign right now.

How can you help?

  1. Text COURAGE to 41010 to make a donation of $5-$25.
  2. Change your Facebook profile picture to a virtual scarf with our custom Facebook Frame for the month of November.
  3. Follow the campaign on social media and share our content with your friends and family. Add the hashtag #WrappedInCourage and tag @wrappedincourage so more people see it.

It takes so much courage for any woman to leave violence, but the courage of a woman alone is not enough. Together, we will end violence against women.